About Us

Precision Pool Tile Cleaning has been in the business for over 10 years completing over 1000 residential and commercial pools per year. We utilize low air pressure and several different Precision Medias ensuring no damage to any surface. We are the only company to have worked for local amusement parks and other commercial properties because of our extensive experience and correct insurances. We are industry leaders not only for our volume of work but our dedication to detail, professionalism and customer service! Call us today for a free quote and let us impress you with our work!!

We provide calcium removal from tile, glass tile, brick, coping, real/artificial rock and water features. No need to empty your entire pool, we lower the pool water 8 inches. Next we use Precision Pool Tile Cleaning equipment and several different medias applied at low pressure to remove the calcium 100% guaranteed with no damage to the surface.

Ask about our Pool Cleaning Maintenance Program! Serving the Southern California Area!* You paid top dollar to get that perfect tile or flagstone for your pool. Some time has gone by and already you can see the signs of calcium build-up taking over the beautiful tile work you have come to cherish.

*WHAT DO YOU DO NOW?* Call Precision Pool Tile Cleaning! With over 10 years of experience in pool tile cleaning, and the added benefit of having created the very process that is used, Precision is the answer you are looking for. We have created our own mobile trailer that contains all the equipment we need to clean your pool fast and easy. You can't miss us, we are all over Southern California freeways in bright yellow.

With the effective and efficient trailer, you don't have to be home while we provide you with top of the line pool tile cleaning service. We access all the equipment we need by pulling up the trailer in front of your home and getting to work, so you can stay at work and come home to new looking tile!

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See for yourself why Precision is who you should be calling right now. Start enjoying your pool to the fullest today! The process only takes 2-3 hours, not days or weeks.